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Philip J Bradbury

A multi-niche writer of 20 books to date - thrillers, short stories, poems, very short stories,  fables and non-fiction.


Short Stories and poems

Very Short Stories

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Fables - humorous and Celtic


Humour and Inspiration

Non-Fiction - writing books & living life

Videos on books and on writing

Testimonials for books

The wording is poetic and beautifully written. This book is best delved into rather than being read from cover to cover and is less about being entertained and more about being challenged to grow personally. Anna Louise, NZ


Short and to the point yet insightful. The stories within can be read at face value but if contemplated at depth can provide insights to the spirit of who we are as humans. Julian Harvey, Australia


This book will inspire you to take that first fearful step of your predestined journey called life. It will help you to find out “who you really are” by recognising “who you really aren’t”. Philip Bradbury’s book will ask you questions you may not have even thought of asking yourself. Jill Bonner, Australia


I have never read a book quite like this one before. If you’re sitting at home feeling that nobody understands you and that despite all your best efforts, you are getting nowhere near finding out what you need to make you happy – let alone being happy – then this book is a must for you. Jenny Smedley, UK

About Philip
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Philip J Bradbury was born early in his life and started writing stories as he emerged into the world... no, actually, he didn't writing start till after his 40th birthday and, to date has written 20 author-managed books - novels, novellettes, short stories, flash fiction, songs, a screen-play and non-fiction books to help you change your road-blocks into starting-blocks.

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