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Scars Can't Tell - Australian thriller

Scars Can't Tell - Australian thriller

Christine, abused wife of Norm the Storm, quietly makes a careful plan to escape. Edward, kind and often fearful, wants to be her white knight and ride to Christine’s rescue. But Norm has other ideas, most of them violent.


Running scared, they head off separately from the Red Centre.

Edward and Christine are guided by Aboriginal guardian angels, as each seek to help those who mean the most to them, despite their own pain.


Then they come across abducted children, scared and abused, with the bullies knocking down the door. This is 1981 and it’s a free-for-all for the criminals they know, and ones they don’t, but is this even their fight?


Will Edward find his inner dragon-slayer to help these strangers in trouble? Will Christine ever get her sister away from her demons and her captor? And will they both be able to escape all this and make a simple, good and peaceful life?

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