Melbournians (Melbournites?), we need your stories.

You have been locked in your houses for over 239+ days, for committing no crime, and your story has been ignored or distorted.

Writing your story can have 2 benefits, at least:

1. Stress release - letting your experiences and feelings out on paper is cathartic and peace-inducing, and

2. Helping others - what is going on for you is happening for someone else, in some way, even if they're not from Melbourne - people in war-torn countries, rape victims, victims of all forms of abuse. If you are experiencing abuse, your story of it will connect with others knowing that and your story can give them peace and release from their anxiety.


Please tell us your story, now!


Please email your story to and we will include it in a book, provisionally called Melbourne Manacled – 220+ days under house arrest – to be sold internationally.


We welcome your story – prose or poetry – on your actual experience of being imprisoned in your home.


Some of you will have stories of love and compassion and some will be of fear and abuse. We want them all.


Ideally, they should be less than 2,000 words and we’d like to include your name, suburb and a photo, to create a connection with your readers. However, we know many stories come from fearful circumstances so you can, then, use a non de plume with no photos or address – up to you.

Don’t worry if you feel your spelling, punctuation and/or storytelling isn’t up to scratch as we have professional editors who will polish and shine where necessary.


So, get writing, get emailing and please have your story emailed to by 20/10/21 to give us time to edit, design, print and post your book before Xmas.

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From a police officer

Under force, while in the force


My world has changed

I am no longer a protector

I no longer serve my country

I no longer serve my state

My comrades are told not to be outspoken

Instead, we are deployed to attack

I have become a vicious guard dog

We are no longer a unit – but a unit

When they blow the whistle, I run

I must obey, I must stay, I must not stray

I wear a heavy-handed uniform

The threats are large from within

My mind is a frazzle

This is all from inside the police force muzzle

We were responsible for the prevention of crime

Now we are doing it anytime

This is not maintenance of public order.

Anytime we think they are a threat

Any time we think they protest

Anytime we see them filming

Anytime we hear them talk

Any high vis or fluorescent shirt

Any unusual backpack

Any pedestrian in the way

Anytime…we are now committing the crime

My conscience is no longer clear

I live in fear for what we have become

Is this how the war begun

Please save me

Please help me

Restore my force

Restore my faith

I am broken


Dan is not a man

We are not men

We are a force - under force

In blue, but we are no longer true

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We are looking for donations to help us design, edit, print and post out these books.

Your donation will go towards:
1. Creation of the books and then
2. To help people in Melbourne who are suffering financially.

Thousands of businesses have been shut down, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs and many are currently being denied work because they will not accept an untested toxin in their body. The financial cost of this is high and we want to help where we can, with
1. Sales of this book, and
2. Your donations.