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Write That Book Now - Introduction

Writing is a most peculiar sport: a solitary activity to create a public spectacle.

It’s definitely not a team sport and our only companions are a pen, a pad and the untameable mystery of that which brings words – memory, imagination and something else ineffable. From this intangible mystery we are to conceive and give birth to a very tangible tribe of words who scream to the world for attention.

Within this there are two challenges:

  1. There is no single formula for which words to write and in what order. We are left totally on our own and it’s only afterwards, when 100,000 words have been lovingly etched onto paper or screen that other people will arrive to pull them apart.

  2. To play this solitary sport, one must be a solitary-seeker; at least for a time … a long time. Comfortable in our own space we must, then, step into the space of least comfort and expose our fragile new children to the world. We must bare our solitary souls, defenceless against the jibes, compliments and indifference we might encounter.

Yes, writing is a most peculiar sport and here is one writer’s kind guidance to playing a safer, more supported game for you.

This is the introduction to Write That Book Now

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