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Life Rejuvenated

I have never read a book quite like this one before. If you’re sitting at home feeling that nobody understands you and that despite all your best efforts, you are getting nowhere near finding out what you need to make you happy – let alone being happy – then this book is a must for you. If you have visited countless clairvoyants and sat in circles to try and find your path through life without success, then here, at last, is hard, genuine information to help you make sense of it all.

Jenny Smedley, England


This book will inspire you to take that first fearful step of your predestined journey called life. It will help you to find out “who you really are” by recognising “who you really aren’t”. Philip Bradbury’s book will ask you questions you may not have even thought of asking yourself … but the difference with this book is that he also includes simple exercises to help you find the answers!

Jill Bonner, Australia


What makes Philip’s book different, and a cut above the average, is not that it is based upon his personal experience, or even that he suggests that “we find out who we are by being who we really aren’t”, but that he provides practical exercises – he shows readers how to apply the insights and techniques that have proved helpful to him and others in their efforts to reclaim their freedom. Philip does this with an astute sense of humour, wisdom and encouragement. What Philip offers is practical advice about how to stay on track during the process of empowering ourselves, and he teaches by asking us to ask questions about ourselves and what we really want.

Dr Michelle Crowley, Clinical psychologist, South Africa

The Last Standown

I read the book Philip – loved reading it, the polite Englishman getting acquainted with the kiwi tribe in London! And the way of using a novel form to explore some important secrets regarding free energy and the world grid and so on. Very enjoyable read, thank you!

Cornelius van Dorp, author of Crystal Mission, New Zealand


A compelling read, becoming fast paced and action packed as the plot thickens. I particularly liked the natural and easy way in which ideas from A Course In Miracles popped up in conversations between the characters.

Riana Avis, Life Coach, UK


Your novel is well written. I’m hooked early and see you have a lot more in store for us. I look forward to you writing more. 

Craig Bandalin,author of Just Out Of Sight, UK

Smiles Series


Short and to the point yet insightful. The stories within can be read at face value but if contemplated at depth can provide insights to the spirit of who we are as humans. Like the signposts in life hopefully the stories contained in 53 words can help you move in a direction and place to finding joy. Some are comical some are not but all provide the reader with a plethora of ideas to ponder.

Julian Harvey, Australia



The wording is poetic and beautifully written. This book is best delved into rather than being read from cover to cover and is less about being entertained and more about being challenged to grow personally.

Anna Louise, New Zealand



My dear talented friend’s fantastic soulful exploration of Self – well done yet again! To the wordsmith, the ‘Gardener of Words’ that is Philip J Bradbury. Anyway, it’s Coelho who should be quaking in his Brazilian leather loafers!

Yvie O’Shea, MA (Oxon), Teacher & Writer at The Language Labrynth



A collection of 97 smiles, just as the title promises. Some make you think, some have endings which surprise and others make you laugh out loud. In today’s world of constant hustle and bustle, this is a short and thought-provoking read. The stories are written with care, creativity and utilising strong descriptors which immediately draw in the reader. An enjoyable collection of stories! 

Tia Mitsis, author of A Greek Odyssey

Freelance Writing

Philip J Bradburn at Ipswich Library book signing_edited.jpg

Thank you for your commitment to excellence!! Philip managed to capture my request exactly meeting all agreed deadlines and finishing well with schedule… I have no hesitation recommending Philip Bradbury.

Anthony Wilkins-Denney, Business Consultant, London, UK,

Project: Ghost-writing and publishing a 13,000-word business book, Learn What The Banks Won’t Tell You – Stepping Out of Debt into Financial Freedom


Philip exceeded my expectations by providing his project milestones before deadline and by doing more work than the minimum agreed upon. A fantastic provider who I intend to use on an ongoing basis. Thank you Philip!

Kathi Fowler, Chartered Accountant, Port Hedland, Australia,

Project: Writing weekly business blogs for Kathi’s accounting website and then managing a suite of writers who submitted regular articles for blogs.


Philip is an ‘easy’ communicator and great to work with.

Denise Roberts, Loud Voice Publishing, London,

Project: Ghost writing blog articles and proof-reading/editing website

It was great to have Philip for my first project. Patient, flexible, professional and great at relieving my stress with his sense of humour. He was able to help me with work beyond what was required. Thank you Philip.

Elle Woods, Numerologist, NSW, Australia,

Project: Ghost writing and publishing numerology book, Numerology 4 Skeptics, and setting up and writing her website.


Very good thanks Phillip – Nice injection of Humor!

Dave Sprake

Chartered Accountant, London, UK.,

Project: Writing, proof-reading/editing website.

Professional, quick and helpful with meeting my needs. Thanks.

Raspinder Singh, Gradpreneur network, London,

Project: Writing website materials for business graduates in UK.

The work was professional and timely. Any issues were quickly resolved.

Hugh Culver, Management Consultant, Canada,

Project: Proof-reading, editing and publishing book on time management, Work Smarter and Take Control of Your Time.

Philip exceeded my expectations by providing his project milestones before deadline and by writing the 10 articles before due time. A fantastic provider. Thank you Philip!

Trevor, USA, Wippy Gift,

Project: Writing 10 articles in gifts, parties and children’s needs for the website.


The work was professional, timely and exactly what we wanted. A real pleasure to work with Philip.

Marathon Communications Inc., Australia,

Project: Proof reading and editing draft book.


Thank you Philip for a great book – completed before time and I appreciate your professional advice and additions.

Scott Peckford, Mortgage Broker, Canada

Project: Proof-reading, editing and publishing book on mortgage broking, Rob Your Bank!

Excerpt from
Changing, Peace by Peace

You may be wondering why I should write a book to tell you not to listen to anything I have to say. So am I! Which just goes to show that we are both mad, MAD being an acronym for Making A Difference. The only time we can make a difference is when we listen to our own inner laws, the laws of our soul, our heart, our conscience and our own inner knowing. We stop being the fullness of who we are if we go against our own laws and blindly follow those laws laid down by others who have never walked in our moccasins.

You know exactly what is right for you in every given moment and you are always right. You might just have forgotten this. This forgetting was part of the plan as you needed to experience the unremembering (the dismembering) to realize the fullness of your knowing. And what a knowing it is! Do not be afraid of it! It is you. It is your potential. It is where you are destined to go. And we need you to realize your full potential and to go “all the way” for, on that journey, you help us on ours.

I am writing this book as a purely selfish pursuit – as you find your own inner rules and start to follow them, you allow and help me to realize the greatness of that which I am destined to be.

You may have forgotten your rules. You may have forgotten yourself. I am reminding you. You will not forget again.

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