Giving Rain To The Desert

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“New shoes! That’s what I wanted for Christmas!” Maxine whined. “New shoes, Mum, that’s all I had on my list!”

“Yes, dear, I know about your list,” said her mother, quietly, with pity or resignation planted in there somewhere.

“They were all I had on my list. New shoes …”

“Yes, new shoes to add to the twenty odd you already have.”

“But I’ve worn them all.”

“You’ve worn me to the bone. You’re nineteen, I’m done with your lists and it’s time to start giving. Time to stop taking.”

“But giving all that money to wogs we don’t even know!” Maxine said, shaking her head as if to shake away the dream to reveal a new pair of shoes before her. They didn’t appear.

“Money to Filipinos, not wogs, who have no shoes, no running water and the girl, a nine-year-old who has to gather firewood each day to make the fire to cook the meals for her father and two younger brothers.”

“Yeah, but what about looking after your own first?”