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2021 - Fearful Or Fun?

T’was the year they called The One Of Twenty One

For many folks it wasn’t much fun

While the rest of us stood by, bemused, peaceful and torn

For the TV’d never had such an exciting storm

There was this Beast, this Monster, they said

That snuck in unawares, while in your bed

It got you while standing, never while sitting

It hit you at funerals but, at sports, no hitting

The only ones frightened were those who got jabbed

They were the ones this beast mainly nabbed

The only time in history, a medicine’s failure

Blamed on those not heeding the jailer

Politicians have always lied, my friend

But this dark time they went to the end

They never got jabbed though it saved the rest

This bestial ogre got good folks but not the “best”

With a stop-watch, calendar and status-metre

What no one’s identified, no one can beat her

‘cept Olympic champs, premiers, wealthy and actors

They all slip through and no one factors

While the rest of us may die from this beastly flu

Well, that’s the story they told us, said was true

The elite weren’t jabbed, masked or detentioned

“How’s this?” we ask, but the media never mentioned

So the unwashed heard a story, gory and manic

While the world asleep, leaped up in startled panic

We stood by while the message beamed out, time upon time

And saw people believe in this wondrous nursery rhyme

We held the peace, remained concerned and tried not to snigger

As the media stories grow ever weirder and bigger

How can someone believe a cold that we’ve always had

Could disrupt minds, lives and sanity so bad?

The least stabbed landmass is the least affected[1]

While the most stabbed county has everyone infected[2]

But numbers and data, well, gone by the board

While nightly lashing is what people want stored

But putting numbers and data aside, for that we must

For no one knows which is right and which is bust

The peaceful, fearless ones look in for their truth

To hearts and guts and untainted couth

It’s a battle of Spirit and unswayable knowing

To stand in quiet, in peace and God ever-glowing

The silence it speaks, in gentle tones a’fore

Untrammelled by loud hailers and trumpets of war

The only Truth, my gentle friend, is you, is you, is you

In twenty-one, twenty-two and all moments anew

The world will shout and needle and lower your breath

But keep breathing, listening, knowing and smiling past death

You is the question, you is the answer, kind soul

You’re sacred, healed, complete and God-whole

Gentle Creator wants you smiling, calm, not stormed

So he gave you her voice to heed, gentle and warmed

He gave you a heart, a beat and a message so sure

To never forget you’re divine, eternal and more

Step away from that inner peace, you know only fear

So, step back, step in, and know only care

You is the question

You is the answer

[1] Africa is the least-clotjabbed continent (6%) with the fewest infections of any continent. [2] County Waterford, Ireland, is the most-clotjabbed community (100%), and the most infectious area in the world.

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