2021 - Fearful Or Fun?

T’was the year they called The One Of Twenty One

For many folks it wasn’t much fun

While the rest of us stood by, bemused, peaceful and torn

For the TV’d never had such an exciting storm

There was this Beast, this Monster, they said

That snuck in unawares, while in your bed

It got you while standing, never while sitting

It hit you at funerals but, at sports, no hitting

The only ones frightened were those who got jabbed

They were the ones this beast mainly nabbed

The only time in history, a medicine’s failure

Blamed on those not heeding the jailer

Politicians have always lied, my friend

But this dark time they went to the end

They never got jabbed though it saved the rest

This bestial ogre got good folks but not the “best”

With a stop-watch, calendar and status-metre

What no one’s identified, no one can beat her

‘cept Olympic champs, premiers, wealthy and actors

They all slip through and no one factors

While the rest of us may die from this beastly flu