From Oneness to Duality and Back

If we can imagine it, it already exists.

If we can speak of it, it already exists.

A Course in Miracles tells us that when we are at the crossroads, trying to make a decision, we have already made the decision. We have already experienced the result of both decisions. Any crossroads is simply a re-enactment.

That sounds all very cute, conceptual and corny. Like all spiritual ideas, it can’t be proven. Just like those Zen stories – trees falling in the woods, pouring tea into a full cup, a thief at an empty house and so on – it’s a clever mind-muddler but does the crossroads idea have any practical use?

The crossroads idea suggests that all actions and thoughts are happening at the same time or, at least, time is not a straight line. Physicists say time is a circle and it’s possible that it’s a dot – everything is happening at once … the decision we’re equivocating over has already been enacted and we’re back at the start, circling ourselves in tighter and tighter circles till we become the dot.

If that’s the case, it would explain that it’s already happened when we think it or speak it.

But we’re playing in the world of theories so let’s become practical.

The minority of people (and most sages) say that we are in Oneness and that no “other” exists – there are no enemies, good and bad people, dark and light forces … there is just one and all is a reflection of the perceiver – not real but appearing as an annoyingly persistent illusion.

The majority of people say we’re in a world of duality – good and bad, friend and enemy, light and dark and so on.

And then there’s a whole tribe of people plondering along between these apparently certain extremes.