The Great Sculptor Celebrates Your Losses

The Great Sculptor sees the beauty within the stone, the gorgeous shape he is undressing with his chip, chip, chipping. We see a craggy, moss-covered rock with irregular, indeterminate proportions; scars here, cracks there, jutting out here, knobbly bits there. We see not what is within but the Great Sculptor knows exactly what is within as we are released from what does not serve the inner beauty that we are.

We strive and gain. Life chips in and we lose. We fight back and we gain. Life quietly slips back and it never stops chip, chip, chipping.

Our wish is to drape our ugly rocks with gaudy colours – wealth, assets, partners, friends, experiences, qualifications, success – to prove we’re beautiful rocks.

Against our frantic activity, life is working to reveal the beauty within – not the beauty without – by its chip, chip, chipping. Every dollar we earn can be lost in a moment. Every relationship can die with a careless word. Every job can be lost in a senseless decision. Every cell can be damaged and health impaired by careless action or thought … or by no action or thought.

Nothing we have – absolutely nothing – cannot be lost in the toss of a coin. We build our buildings, create our empires, buff our bodies and grow our relationships and, while busy doing all that, the chip, chip, chipping continues.

None of these things are taken by accident or by malicious design. No, they’re taken by a kind and creative sculptor who knows your true shape, your true beingness and (s)he wishes only fo