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Glass Soul - songs and poems to see inside me, to see inside you

Glass Soul - songs and poems to see inside me, to see inside you

Powerful and poignant songs and poems from an intrepid writer who sees the world quite differently from most people. Prepare yourself for joy, tears and to have your world view changed ... well, at least challenged!


The kindle book is available at Amazon.


From silly to serious, political to petty, limericks to lyrical, spiritual to salacious, these rhythmic stories tell of the man of a hundred faces and many more occupations. Through the one who loves adventure more than artefacts, you’ll recognise the pilgrim in yourself, the one who’s here to make the most of every moment and unable to become precious about any of it.  


Tripping lightly through life, we recognise each other as riders on the wagon train, commuters on the train and wanderers through the daisies. Wherever we are, there’s a call to be heard from the earth, a plea from the poor and a song for the sad.  Let us enjoy our connection through these words and pages.  


Thank you, Philip, I could feel your life through your words in this book, and I enjoyed my time within the pages ~ Janine Savient 


Introduction to the book

People ask how I find the words, phrases, stories, songs, novels and non-fiction books. My answer is always, “I don’t. They’re not my creations.”


People look at me weirdly and so I explain that my job is to get out of my own way, let the words turn up and flow through my pen. We have these copyright laws and think we “own” the words we pen and type … but we don’t at all. We just allow them to be birthed by stepping back, disowning them and allowing them to flourish in their own sweet way.


This was disconcerting, at first, as I’d start out intending to write something and it would twist and turn in the birth canal and come out quite differently. It’s usual for stories to not tell me their punch line until I’m writing my last few sentences. Sometimes I think I’m going to write prose and a poem comes out, or vice versa. I have learned to love the mystery and allow the unknowable to make itself known to me. That’s what I call magic.


I tried to sort these poems into different categories and my accounting brain – yes, I was once an accountant – decided there should be an equal number of poems in each category. But life is never that tidy, is it? And the categories … well, everything is spiritual. Everything is personal. Everything is political, in some way. So, though I have created categories, you’re welcome to ignore them and just read where the page falls open. I suspect that, if you follow that more random system – the system without a system … synchronicity – the right poem will make itself known to you each time. That’s also what I call magic.


So, enjoy the magic and smile.

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