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Life Rejuvenated - paper book

Life Rejuvenated - paper book

This book will take you from overwhelm to overcome, from oughtistic* to fantastic - enjoy!



The secret of life is to know that there are no secrets. To become a better person, a saintly being or a great and wise master, you need to know that there is nothing for you to do. You are already all those things. There is absolutely nothing to do, except that which you feel passionate about, that which stirs your heart, that which you feel good about in every given moment.


“But!” you exclaim with exasperation, “How do I find out what my passion is?”


A good question for, if you are a normal, average human being, you will have grown up with a head-full of rules, expectations and beliefs that tell you what you should be doing and what you should feel good about. Somehow, one day, you will feel the need to peel away those layers of rules and that, my dear reader, is the only purpose you have in being here, on this Earth – to know thyself. There is nothing else to do.


You are absolutely perfect as you are, and you have always been that way – perfect. Absolutely perfect. You do not need to do anyone else’s Ten Steps to Heaven or Twelve Steps to Enlightenment, or become vegetarian, celibate, beautiful, educated, reclusive, charitable or noble. Neither stars nor numbers nor anything else controls your life – you are in charge. You are not meant to be expressing your power in a positive way – you are simply meant to be expressing it in your way. If you are frightened of it (and yourself) you may harm others. Through that you will learn not to harm others. You will then find respect and loving for yourself and, from that place, you will only be able to do good. You will have no other choice and you will want no other choice.


This book is not a truth or help you become enlightened. For it to become a truth is for you to experience the philosophy here, to see it work in your miraculous life. Only then does the philosophy become a truth. Only then do you realize your truth. Only then do you become your truth.


Only then do you become yourself.


* Oughtistic is doing what you think you ought to do ... following others' rules.


Testimonials from readers

I have never read a book quite like this one before. If you’re sitting at home feeling that nobody understands you and that despite all your best efforts, you are getting nowhere near finding out what you need to make you happy – let alone being happy – then this book is a must for you. If you have visited countless clairvoyants and sat in circles to try and find your path through life without success, then here, at last, is hard, genuine information to help you make sense of it all.

I identified totally with the author, who explains misconceptions we are ALL brought up with, which have devastating effects on our ability to be happy, whatever we’re doing. He takes you on a guided tour of yourself, and explains in simple, easy to read and understand terms, just what you need to do to shake of the burdens that have been imposed on you all through your life, by parents, teachers, peers, and everyone else who has stuck a thumb in the pie that makes up your true being.

I would go as far as to say that in my opinion this book should be required reading!

Jenny Smedley, United Kingdom


It seems like anyone who is anyone in metaphysical circles these days is writing, or has written, a book. And so has Philip Bradbury. What makes Philip’s book different, and a cut above the average, is not that it is based upon his personal experience, or even that he suggests that “we find out who we are by being who we really aren’t”, but that he provides practical exercises - he shows readers how to apply the insights and techniques that have proved helpful to him and others in their efforts to reclaim their freedom. Philip does this with an astute sense of humour, wisdom and encouragement.

Philip suggests that our primary purpose for being here is to discover who we really are. Most of us are pretty confused about this - we have been programmed to believe that other people know our hearts better than we, and for the sake of being loved by others, we adopt the perceptions they have of us. These perceptions, suggests Philip, are usually based on fear. Self-empowered people cannot be enslaved by fear however, because they know what their own rules are. They know this because they have learned to listen to the whisperings of their own hearts.

Philip suggests that thoughts only affect us emotionally if we choose that they should, and invites readers to observe rather than react to their thoughts. If the thought feels right, thank it, and give it the power of manifestation, i.e., express the thought and act upon it. If not, thank the thought for the opportunity it gave you to make a choice, and allow it to pass. Once we have taken this first brave step, says Philip, the universe will magically step in to synchronise events, people and assistance. At the same time he suggests that we always check our own inner knowing before embarking on the bus to somewhere, especially when someone else is driving.

Philip is refreshingly pragmatic (and accurate) about the meaning of karma. “Handing your power over to a karmic debt system does nothing for your feelings of self-empowerment”. Instead, he suggests that we release karmic debt by correcting ourselves and our perceptions. Philip does not lie about the fact these corrections sometimes involve pain, or the shedding of an old skin for a new one. But he is honest about his own challenges, how he dealt with those challenges, what he learned, and how long it took sometimes to make those corrections. It is about allowing, observing and moving through pain rather than resisting. Perhaps one of the most helpful insights he gives, and one that resonated deeply, is that “what other think of you is none of your business - the only thing you have to change is you”. In other words, this is your life and your process, so live it.

What Philip offers is practical advice about how to stay on track during the process of empowering ourselves, and he teaches by asking us to ask questions about ourselves and what we really want. If you feel like you are lost, says Philip, you are already on the path to finding out who you are because “admitting you are lost or confused is the first step to becoming found”. Continuing on the path means listening to our hearts, and being still until our hearts are moved. In other words: If you’re in a rut, stop digging; and, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Taking our freedom back from our perceptions about who we are, and reclaiming our original intention for being here, is about unclouding our vision. Philip Bradbury’s new release “Life Rejuvenated” definitely facilitates this process.

Dr. Michelle L. Crowley, editor of Talking Total Health magazine, Clinical Psychologist, South Afric

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