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The 12 Week Miracle - paper book

The 12 Week Miracle - paper book

A take-home course based, mainly, on A Course in Miracles.


If you have lost interest/faith in traditional religion but feel the need for a practical and a spiritual direction in life, this book could be what you’re looking for. If you feel trapped in a life you do not love, here is a practical, step-by-step guide over twelve weeks, to take you in a new and vibrant direction. Whether you want change in relationships, health, career or sense of self, this may just be a key to unlocking your peace, power and potential.


The Twelve Week Miracle gives you the opportunity to create real and lasting change in your life in just twelve weeks! Sarah Alexander – author, life/business coach and workshop facilitator.


With humour and simplicity, they offer a 12-week course that really can be a ‘new beginning’. Ian Patrick – Director of Miracle Network and an ACIM course facilitator.


Its simplicity and ease of use is testimony to the vast knowledge, wisdom and expertise that Anna and Philip have to offer. Riana Avis – life coach.

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