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The Lawless Way - paper book

The Lawless Way - paper book

It looks at our past 4,000 years from the perspectives of astrology, Lakota, Hopi, Chinese, Mayan and Maslow perspectives. From this clear picture of our past journey, it maps our most probable future. From that, we can understand why we may feel we don’t fit into this changing time and how we'll best find our right path, in a way that best serves ourselves and society.


The book contains exercises and case studies from my workshops to find who they really are … or, in other words, to find peace, happiness and passion. The techniques and ideas in it have been tried and tested (successfully!) for over 12 years, by thousands of people.


The focus is less on changing ourselves and more on finding the latent and forgotten talents and passions within – talents and passions that have been suppressed as we follow the “laws” of the world, making a living and looking ‘normal’.


The book is based on:

  • My personal journey extricating myself from the boredom as an accountant, into a career I’m passionate about – writing and teaching,

  • The personal development courses I have facilitated in 3 countries for 12 years,

  • The men’s groups I have run, and

  • My research and experience of having studied with Kadaichi men in Australia, Sangornas in South Africa, Kaumatua in New Zealand, Hopi elders, astrologers and many other wisdom-holders.


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