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Where do ideas for books come from? From Life ...

Having had 20 books published and an equal number in process, people ask where I get my ideas from. These questions spurned the idea to do a list of some of the things I’ve done since I started writing in 1993:

  • Divorced for the first time

  • Columnist for magazines in New Zealand, Australia, Sth Africa and England

  • Went to Australia on a solo odyssey

  • Spent time with Aborigines near Alice Springs

  • Worked at a resort east of Alice Springs as a barman and a horse and camel trek guide

  • Back to Tauranga as an accounting and business trainer

  • Got a Certificate in Adult Teaching

  • Got a Certificate in Teaching Adults

  • Moved to Auckland

  • Taught accounting to classes and to a Japanese boy with Aspergers

  • Moved back to Tauranga

  • Completed a course in grief counselling

  • Became a volunteer counsellor at the Waipuna Hospice

  • Completed a course in grief counselling for children

  • Became a volunteer for the Red Balloon organisation, that helps grieving children

  • Married a second time

  • Ran my Free To Be Me personal/spiritual growth courses

  • Ran men’s groups

  • Volunteered at the Living Without Violence program

  • Divorced a second time

  • Co-facilitated AIDS courses in Sth Africa

  • Moved to Australia for three months

  • Back to New Zealand as an accounting and business trainer

  • Editor for a magazine

  • Magazine publisher/owner

  • Sang karaoke and sang/played guitar at several country and western and folk groups

  • Married a third time

  • Worked at the local council as a change manager

Moved to England for 4½ years

  • Corporate trainer for a London bank in Sutton and London

  • Did a life coaching course in London

  • Completed a Transactional Analysis course in Oxford

  • Lectured to post-graduate students at an Iranian university near Oxford

  • Managed a four-acre property at Cobham, Surrey

  • Sang and played guitar at a woodland festival in Oxfordshire

  • Travelled to Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Egypt

  • Moved to Australia for ten years

  • Business trainer for a variety of training of organisations

  • Holidayed in Ubud, Bali

  • Ran a writing group and co-facilitated two others in Brisbane

  • Completed a Diploma of Business, a Diploma of Leadership and a Certificate IV (teaching)

  • Ran an AirBnB in Ipswich for three years

  • Was in Ipswich during the time of corruption, when the mayor was jailed and the council was dissolved because of widespread corruption

  • Moved back to Brisbane

  • Divorced a third time

  • Moved to the Gold Coast

  • Ran two spiritual services in Brisbane

  • Ran a writing course in Brisbane

  • Over this time I have published 20 of my books and 18 for other authors

  • Attended several workshops, learning about native Australian food

  • Joined groups learning about Common law

  • Racked up over $1,000 in speeding fines on my motorbike and another $1,000 in speeding fines in my car

  • Had fun cutting tapes around playgrounds and parks during the Dark Ages of the lock-down frenzy

Up to now I had written an average of 500 words a day

  • Travelled round New Zealand for a year in which I did very little writing

  • Started a daily podcast

I also had a life before 1993 so, as you can imagine, there is lots of life experience to go into both fiction and non-fiction books.

Does that answer the question?

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