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It’s a crazy world and I’m here to help you to step into your hidentity* in order to survive (cope) and succeed (create) through it in order to help build the new community of Caring, Connection and Communication that we know is just around the corner.

So, how can I help you do that?

  • Books – paper and e-books

  • Individual coaching – face-to-face or Zoom

  • Regular interactive group sessions

  • Courses – free and paid

So, I’m here to help you cope with the current changes so you can create your higher life in order to create the community we all long for … and know is coming.

You are welcome to call me for a free, half-hour chat to see if we’re a good fit and/or to assess where you’re at to see how I can help.     

* Hidentity is your higher identity.

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About the writing course

This course is for you if you:

  • If you have completed your book and need to know how to improve it before publishing,

  • If you have started your book and you’ve become stuck, for some reason,

  • If you have started your book, it is flowing beautifully and you feel a mentor or coach would help your book and/or your life along,

  • If you have a story or a theme you want to write about but haven’t started for whatever reason, or

  • If you really want to write but you can’t think what to write about.

Whatever stage you’re at, this book will help you get your story – or any other writing – written, whether you want it published, if it’s just for close family or if it’s simply for your own healing and/or peace of mind.


About me

I have written 20 self-published books so I’ve been getting my books written! I have also edited, designed and published over fifteen books for other authors.

I’ve been a magazine columnist, editor and publisher at different times and in different parts of the world, as well as a freelance writer for clients round the globe.

I write every day – 500-2,000 words a day – and will continue writing even if none of my words were ever published. I just love the process, the creativity and the otherworldliness I can plant into each and every day of my life. For example, I just wrote the 936 words of this Welcome chapter in 40 minutes this morning.

I do my best to walk my talk and I won’t ask you to anything I haven’t done or won’t do. In a sense, we are doing this course together.

So that’s a snapshot of my writing.

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Offline Courses

The Free To Be Me courses have been run in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and South Africa, since 1986, and they cover the same road-blocks as per the Transformational Coaching. Through them you will experience your blocks and “stuckness” dissolving, each day.


However, these courses have been put on hold till I get surgery to enable me to walk, again, properly. In the meantime, there are 2 options:


Online Courses

I am creating online courses as you read this. Please message me here if you are interested. As an early-bird participant, you’ll receive a discount and other goodies.

Transformation Coaching – face-to-face and remote


If you’re at the cross-roads of life, I can help.


  • Divorce/separation

  • Redundancy

  • Business plateau or failure

  • Health challenge

  • Personal/spiritual hiatus


Sign up for a Free To Be Me course and experience your blocks and “stuckness” dissolving, each day.


These courses have been run in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and South Africa, since 1986, and they cover the same road-blocks as per the Transformational Coaching.


They are also tailored for particular organisation requirements in the corporate/institutional environment. Call me now and we can discuss your particular needs.


Life is a series of opportunities, neatly disguised as problems


If you’re visiting this site, you’re far from broken. You might be stressed, confused, angry, depressed and/or just curious. But you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, if you’re here, you’re likely to be one of the most functional humans around.


You are prepared to do something about yourself and your situation. Functional ones know things are not working and recognize it … and do something about it! Your decision to do something about it tells you that you are a good and functional human being.


Yes, this goes against the accepted wisdom, doesn’t it? So:


Fact: Everyone is fighting a hard battle.


Fact: No one is perfect in every area of their lives.


Fact: Every single machine and human on this planet requires maintenance and overhauls from time to time.

Testimonials for courses

Top marks for creating a lovely relaxed learning environment encouraging like-minded souls to create. It will be exciting to see how the groups work evolves. Lyn Moltzen


Thank you, Philip. I feel I have learned so much In the last two courses and look forward to more learning. Blessings, Lynne Cutler


I love the easy going delivery of the course content and the camaraderie and rapport among the participants. Denise Williams


It has started me on a writing journey which I’m very grateful for. Lucy Russell

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