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Gerald The Great Of Gorokoland - paper book

Gerald The Great Of Gorokoland - paper book

A fairy story without fairies ... and not much of a story, either.


The peasants are revolting and the king’s pretty horrible too. Then, into the story, bounds the gangly and irrepressible Gerald, after the fair hand of the unfair (ugly) Agatha. Not entirely welcome but with timing on his side, the king relents to Gerald’s ridiculous proposal. As the king and queen recede, Gerald and Agatha (now slightly tipsy) intercede, proceed and nearly succeed to quell the riots, avert a disaster or two and deal with a retinue of incompetent and arrogant public servants. Then, politically sated, a new thirst arises. As they attempt an energetic thrash about in the royal bed chamber, a hawk and a pussycat – sorry, the owl was off sick that day – assist with tepid interest.


A royal romp through an insane world, this comedic satire pokes fun at our human frailties and the amateurish ways we try to solve our daily problems. It’s the first of a continuing series and, while it may not solve your problems, it will certainly have you looking at them with a lightened air and a different perspective.



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