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Write That Book Now - on getting books written and life lived

Write That Book Now - on getting books written and life lived

Imagine holding your own book in your hand …


A book/course on getting books written and life lived.

  • your story,
  • your passion,
  • your hard work,
  • your message to the world
  • your legacy …


This book – and the course that goes with it – are here to enable you to find your passion, overcome your blocks, have your words in tangible form (a book!) to pass on to others and to make a difference in the world.


This book is for you if you:

  • Have started your book and are stuck,
  • Have an idea but can’t get started, or
  • If you really, really, really want to write but you can’t think what to write about or how to start.


… one writer’s kind guidance to starting and finishing your book … and using those lessons for your life. This book will help you through writers block and every other fear that writers have. It also includes:

  • A range of writing examples and styles to give you ideas,
  • Exercises to unblock your ideas, and
  • Exercises to access your true writing style and content.


Also available at I’ve just finished your Write that Book Now and loved it! It has left me feeling inspired and ready to push forward with no more stalling! Elaine Casey, New Zealand.


Testimonials from course attendees:

Thank you, Philip. I feel  I have learned so much In the last two courses and look forward to more learning. Blessings, Lynne Cutler


It has started me on a writing journey which I’m very grateful for. Lucy Russell

Relaxing. Easy to understand and comfortable. A lot of open interaction. Janine Nicholson

I love the easy going delivery of the course content and the camaraderie and rapport among the participants. Denise Williams


Top marks for creating a lovely relaxed learning environment encouraging like-minded souls to create. It will be exciting to see how the groups work evolves. Lyn Moltzen


Follow course dates and progress at Write That Book Now in Facebook.

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